Ebb & Flow by Gene Felice and the Coaction Lab is a collaborative project exploring climate change through the lenses of Art & Science, extending from mid-July through mid-September 2019. This Summer research trip had multiple purposes including an exploration of aquatic ecosystems from our headwaters to our oceans, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast and back again. Starting at UNCW in Wilmington, NC the solar powered Mobile Coaction lab crossed almost 7,000 miles to Santa Barbara, CA and back again, following an ebb and flow of collections and performances at water based locations.

Almost every river we crossed on this trip was either swollen or overflowing out of normal seasonal patterns and all life connected to this water was caught in its wake. This voyage was bookended by two hurricanes, starting with hurricane Barry in mid-July, raining out our plans in Chattanooga, TN and then again in early September when hurricane Dorian postponed our plans at the Cameron museum in Wilmington, NC. These storms ultimately became a part of the story of Ebb & Flow, as well as the story of an artist attempting to find a balance between work and life, of art and family.

Overall, we attempted to make the invisible layers of life a bit more visible while telling the story of an ever changing global climate system in crisis. We blended often ignored layers of life, data, imagery and sound so that others can reflect on what it might take to maintain a balance between human and non-human life, amidst the complexity sprawl of the 21st century. You can explore this process, moving backwards in time as you scroll through this story layered with videos, photos and field notes.