Confluence in conversation: Ken Rinaldo, Jennifer Parker, Gene Felice, Juniper Harrower, Jose Carlos Espinel, and David Harris

Ken RInaldo & Giovanni Aloi

Antennae – The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture

Confluence, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, North Carolina, January 28–May 2022

Giovanni Aloi

Esse, webzine review

The Algae Society debuts exhibit at Cameron Art Museum

Shea Carver

Port City Daily, February 2, 2022

Wilmington, North Carolina

The Algae Society BioArt Design Lab: Exploring multispecies entanglements and making kin with algae 

Juniper Harrower, Gene Felice, Jennifer Parker, José Carlos Espinel, David Harris, Fiona Hillary, Tiare Ribeaux

MIT Press Direct/Leonardo, December 14, 2021

Science and Collectivism in Artistic Creation: Embracing Climate Change through Art

Espinel J., Parker J., Espinel-Velasco N. 2020

The International Journal of the Arts in Society: Annual Review. Volume 14, Issue 1:12-20. ISSN: 1833-1866 (Print)

Art professor’s exhibition in Spain addresses algae and climate change

By Scott Rappaport, February 18, 2020

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