Nov. 11. 2022 — Jan. 31. 2023

Madrid Planetarium Spain

A new multi-sensory audiovisual exhibition by The Algae Society invites viewers to enter a hidden world of drifting algae as an immersive art & science experience at the Madrid Planetarium in Spain.

The exhibition creates an imaginary world of the overlooked and imperceptible unicellular algae, cyanobacteria, or foraminifera in support of life on this planet as we search for possibilities of life in the Universe.     

The trajectory of life changed over a billion years ago with the appearance of unicellular algae, which altered the earth’s atmosphere by producing oxygen. Those primitive organisms evolved, and today, algae contribute nearly 70% of the planet’s oxygen while absorbing up to half of the CO2. Humans and our ancestors have been walking the planet for six million years. When you compare the origins of algae lineage to humans, it seems clear that we have a lot to learn and discover about algae, especially in this time of ecological and environmental crisis.

The political and policy process alone is too slow to guide a deep search for understanding and interventions to save the planet and its species. In response, and as an interventionary practice, the diverse international group of artists, scientists, and designers that constitute the Algae Society seek to galvanize the human species to become enamored with algae as an active and diverse community member bound together in an interdependent system of organisms adapting to a rapidly changing planet. Our view ultimately adopts a posthuman philosophical position and practice with humans and algae as companion species.

ARCHIVE of Works exhibited with The Algae Society

Algae Reliquary

3D printed sculpture 23″ x 10″ Reliquary: a container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept.
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Algae Sign

Are there signs that serve the public good about real dangers that are not apparent? These are signs that warn…
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Anna Atkins Font

Created from photographic scans of Anna Atkins handwriting. Anna Atkins was a British botanist and …
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Bioluminescent Thursdays

The exhibition interior and exterior window with an array of video projection mapping, VR and custom lighting effects, every other…
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Bleaching Pocillopora

Climate change is the greatest global threat to coral reef ecosystems. Scientific evidence now clearly indicates that the Earth’s atmosphere…
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Bloom or Bust

A video of drifting images plucked from the internet reflecting an algal bloom or algae bloom as a rapid increase…
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Brisbane River Turtle

an algae bloom in Australia, where he spotted a Brisbane River Turtle (emydura macquarie signata) paddling through the lake. This…
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Cultivating Collaboration

Nutrient runoff from industrial-scale agriculture combined with rapidly changing climate patterns has increased the severity and devastation from algae blooms…
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A transdisciplinary project combining video and bioart to explore narratives of human identity, symbioses with other species, and our rapidly…
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Desert Algae

Stop motion animation inspired by Dr. Juniper Harrower’s desert ecology research and Dr. Valerie Flechtner’s algal research in Joshua Tree…
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Diatomaceous Diatomaceous are glass-blown works inspired by the drawings and research of Ernst Haeckel 1834-1919. For years I have enjoyed…

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Ebb & Flow

Climate change through the lenses of Art & Science, extending from mid-July through mid-September 2019. This Summer research trip had…
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Exploration Center

Explore algae through digital microscopes, hand held magnifying glasses and our lightboard of algal forms. Browse our library of algae…
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Oceanic Scales

Oceanic Scales Visitors to Oceanic Scales explore their role in maintaining a stable ocean ecology through a multi-sensory, interactive art…

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Painting with Algae

Artist Jennifer Parker mixes calcium carbonate with spirulina (algae) powder, gum arabic*, and water to paint botanical style paintings phytoplankton….
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Phyto Heros

Design for fun and to explore phytoplankton as a STEM to STEAM research subject through an interactive game system designed…
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Pond Scum

Vinyl installation on museum windows The design for Pond Scum leans on high resolution microscopy images of algae …
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Roots Weaving Waves

Roots Weaving Waves Wheatgrass seeds are sown into a bed of agar agar, where their roots weave into strands of…

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Wall Cells

A cellular cabinet structure, inspired by seaweed cells otherwise invisible to the naked eye offer voyeuristic spaces that play with…
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Wild Sun Catchers

An audio visual experiment with algae world-making, about a kelp forest mermaid living by and within the Channel Islands in…
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