(November 2022 – October 2023)

MIKROS is the most recent exhibition of The Algae Society: Bio Art & Design Lab in collaboration with the Sustainability, Science & Art group of the Complutense University (SCIART-UCM) and the OpenLab Collaborative Research Center of the University of California Santa Cruz.

While the telescope brings us closer to what is far away, the microscope brings us closer to what is at home here on earth. MIKROS invites viewers to enter a hidden world of drifting algae as an immersive art & science experience at the Madrid Planetarium in Spain. The exhibition is an imaginary world of the overlooked and imperceptible unicellular algae, cyanobacteria, or foraminifera in support of life on this planet as we search for possibilities of life elsewhere. 

The exhibition combines audiovisual projections, painting, sculpture, and sound art created by an international group of artists and scientists who work together to share the beauty and power of algae and other microscopic creatures.

Exhibition Curators: José Carlos Espinel and Jennifer Parker

Artistas y Científicos participantes: Diana Botas, Marta de Cambra, Mónica Cerrada, Madison Creech, Juan José de Domingo, Trinidad Energici, José Carlos Espinel, Nadjejda Espinel-Velasco, Gene Felice II, Paula García Fernández, Víctor Garcia Peco, Nerea Garzón Arenas, David Harris, Juniper Harrower, Concha Herrero Matesanz, Fiona Hillary, Jennifer Parker, Rachel Church and Entropía Martiana.

Created with support from the Arts Research Institute at UC Santa Cruz and Complutense University in Madrid.

More info: Planetario de Madrid, Spain