We have created a series of digital storytelling systems designed as environmental first aid kits.  They are mobile in nature and customized to collect imagery, sound, data and more. These systems weave together a collection of research, data visualizations, ecological material exploration, digital storytelling, imagery, sounds and other site specific work. They are designed for the deployment location, its people and their stories. The desired output include a hybrid array of site specific projects in a format that most people would not expect to experience art, design and science collaboration. We attempt to allure our audience to a shared experience that expands both our vocabularies and perspectives on aquatic ecosystems and our vital connections to this precious resource.

The first two Eco / Environmental First Aid Kits have been created in collaboration with the Alexandria Creativity Center and the U.S. Consulate as a part of the American Arts Incubator Program sponsored by ZERO1.

Each of the two kits contain a High Lumen / HD Pico Projector for outdoor cinema / digital storytelling, an audio field recorder, headphones and a tripod and a digital Microscopy system. All of this gear is packed into a discreet backpack system. Future systems will be created a variety of scales from back pack / cases to larger cart based systems with built in solar power and water quality sensor kits.