DE LA SIMA A LAS ESTRELLAS: Vida microscópica en el universo | From the Abyss to the Stars: Microscopic Life in the Universe

July -August 2023

Artistas Participantes Marta De Cambra, Mónica Cerrada, José Carlos Espinel, Paula García Fernández, Victor García Peco, Nerea Garzón Arenas, Luis Javier Gayá, Juan Gea, Gema Goig, María De Iracheta, Claudio Magalhães, Javier Mañero, Luis Mayo, Jennifer Parker, Marta Milagros Pérez De Camino

Asesoramiento Científico Concha Herrero Matesanz 

The exhibition “From the Abyss to the Stars: Microscopic Life in the Universe,” held in coordination with the Sustainability, Science, and Art Research Group of the Complutense University of Madrid (SCIART-UCM), aims to promote actions in favor of scientific culture, where science and art coexist. This exhibition results from research conducted by scientists and artists who delve into the evolutionary possibilities of certain types of aquatic organisms in terrestrial and extraterrestrial ecosystems to visually illustrate the latest scientific discoveries while generating a space for debate about evolution on Earth. It brings together the macroscopic perspective of life, looking at the universe, and the microscopic view, exploring the origin of life on Earth or beyond.

Curated by José Carlos Espinel (Algae Society Founding Member) and Marta de Cambra, professors from the Faculty of Fine Arts at UCM, the exhibition includes the participation of members from the Drawing and Engraving Department, Sculpture and Artistic Formation Department, as well as invited artists and researchers. Concha Herrero Matesanz, Doctor in Micropaleontology from the Faculty of Geological Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, provided scientific advice for the exhibition.