January 28 – April 24, 2022, Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, North Carolina USA

Visitors of all ages are invited to get to know algae, from the microscopic scales of phytoplankton – to the giant kelp of the Pacific Northwest. CONFLUENCE at the Cameron Art Museum showcases a variety of media formats, time & magnification scales, and creative approaches to being with algae as a multi-sensory art & science (media art & culture) experience. Including growing algal portraits in a Bio Art lab, VR worldmaking experiences, biodegradable 3D printed sculptures, immersive video & sound works, seaweed pressings, 19th century botanical illustrations, a floating island ecosystem, and more.

Confluence exhibition | catalog of works


Diatomaceous Diatomaceous are glass-blown works inspired by the drawings and research of Ernst Haeckel 1834-1919. For years I have enjoyed…

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Roots Weaving Waves

Roots Weaving Waves Wheatgrass seeds are sown into a bed of agar agar, where their roots weave into strands of…

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Wild Sun Catchers

An audio visual experiment with algae world-making, about a kelp forest mermaid living by and within the Channel Islands in…
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Cultivating Collaboration

Nutrient runoff from industrial-scale agriculture combined with rapidly changing climate patterns has increased the severity and devastation from algae blooms…
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Exploration Center

Explore algae through digital microscopes, hand held magnifying glasses and our lightboard of algal forms. Browse our library of algae…
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Algae Wall Cells

A cellular cabinet structure, inspired by seaweed cells otherwise invisible to the naked eye offer voyeuristic spaces that play with…
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Algae Sign

Are there signs that serve the public good about real dangers that are not apparent? These are signs that warn…
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Bioluminescent Thursdays

The exhibition interior and exterior window with an array of video projection mapping, VR and custom lighting effects, every other…
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Algae Reliquary

3D printed sculpture 23″ x 10″ Reliquary: a container or shrine in which sacred relics are kept.
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Pond Scum

The design for Pond Scum leans on high resolution microscopy images of algae …
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Anna Atkins Font

Created from photographic scans of Anna Atkins handwriting. Anna Atkins was a British botanist and …
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A transdisciplinary project combining video and bioart to explore narratives of human identity, symbioses with other species, and our rapidly…
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Bloom or Bust

A video of drifting images plucked from the internet reflecting an algal bloom or algae bloom as a rapid increase…
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Phyto Heros

Design for fun and to explore phytoplankton as a STEM to STEAM research subject through an interactive game system designed…
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