Bioluminescent Thursdays

The Confluence exhibition space was transformed by Gene A. Felice with video projection mapped onto Madison Creech’s “Pond Scum” vinyl cut window installation and the surrounding walls, creating a dazzling array of light and shadow play. The projections on Pond Scum could be seen both in and outside the museum as well as on a variety of sculptures and surfaces within the space.  These evening events featured dance with Janice Lancaster, VR, sound and live video chat with various Algae Society members from around the globe, taking place every other Thursday evening during the run of the show, starting with the show opening. 

Photos by Bradley S. Pearce & Gene A. Felice II

Bioluminescent Thursday 1 ~ Show Opening

Bioluminescent Thursday 2

Bioluminescent Thursday 3 (featuring Janice Lancaster)

Bioluminescent Thursday 4 & 5

Bioluminescent Thursday 6