Working Group

The Algae Society is as a global collective of interdisciplinary researchers working to establish a new community with algae as a non-human international research partner. As a working group we aim to collaborate, conceive, cooperate, and experiment with algae as a united society bound together in an interdependent system of organisms adapting to global warming. Our collaboration is a creative approach that seeks to benefit, support and educate the public of our symbiotic relationship.

We intend to launch a series of regional exhibits developed in consultation with each other and informed by algae from Australia, Egypt, New Zealand, Spain, and the United States. It is our hope that these exhibits will spark deeper conversations and bloom new research avenues and partners to expand and rethink possibilities with the natural world as a collaborator rather than just a resource for humanity to protect, engineer and extract. This first exhibit has been installed at the MOXI Museum of Innovation and Exploration in Santa Barbara, CA USA. The exhibit will be open from April-July 2019.