Algae Society member / co-founder Gene A. Felice II has been working on some new experiments for our upcoming show at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC. The images above show the first experiment using a video projection system for growing images in Algae. The first results were mixed with the Voyager 1 inspired image of man and woman + algae showing fairly clearly. An artists self-portrait also began to appear, but overall the light source was a bit too strong for the algae, causing distortions. The 2nd experiment in progress is photographed below, with two different approaches. One that still uses the video projection method but with only 30% of the original intensity and a 2nd approach that uses printed contact negatives, exposed by a variety of filtered light sources underneath the petri dishes.

Another current project includes the rejuvenation of a seven year old collection of sea weed blades from the Monterey bay of California. These blades were previously dried but developed some mold and dried into unusable shapes. With the help of the seaweeds inherent ability to dry / reabsorb moisture, regaining their pliability, the collection has been bathed in saltwater, cleaned, flattened and prepared for some new experiments with laser engraving followed by archiving them in sculptural pine resin forms that are framed with 3D printed bio plastic.

Both of these experiment tracks will evolve over the coming months for the next Algae Society show titled “Confluence” opening in January of 2022 at the Cameron Art Museum.