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  • ICEBERGS: microplastics in the Arctic

    by Algae Society members and Group de Investigation Arte, Technolgia y Comprimiso Social (AR-TE-CS)

  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid graduate student work

    A selection of work curated for the Algae Exhibition: BioArt Design Lab in Madrid, Spain.

  • Desert Algae

    Stop motion animation inspired by Dr. Juniper Harrower’s desert ecology research and Dr. Valerie Flechtner’s algal research in Joshua Tree National Park.

  • Fieldwork: Reverberating Futures

    Fiona Hillary explores human and non-human entanglements of wonder. From Hillary’s situated location – an island in the middle of the Pacific, Southern and Indian oceans, this work engages with narratives of the ocean.

  • Ebb & Flow

    A collaborative project by Gene Felice and the Coaction Lab exploring climate change through the lenses of Art & Science, extending from mid-July through mid-September 2019.

  • Bleaching Pocillopora

    Climate change is the greatest global threat to coral reef ecosystems. Bleaching Pocillopora by José Carlos Espinel & David Harris use 3D printed technology, video, and cast sculpture to simulate the bleaching of coral reef.

  • Cyanovisions

    A transdisciplinary project combining video and bioart to explore narratives of human identity, symbioses with other species, and our rapidly changing environment and bodies in an era of climate change.

  • Bloom or Bust

    A video of drifting images plucked from the internet reflecting an algal bloom or algae bloom as a rapid increase or accumulation in the population of algae.

  • Painting Performance with Algae

    Time lapse of an acrylic painting collaborative performance by Juniper Harrower with algae oil and powder to create the organic shapes of algal cells found under microscopes and in natural settings.

  • Cyanotype Impressions of the Atlantic Ocean in Maine

    Cyanotype Impressions of the Atlantic Ocean in Maine by Rachel E. Church follows Atkins’ process for washing, pressing, drying and printing seaweed found in the ocean near her home in Maine.