Google Play video game

“Back to the Anemone” is a videogame were you can play the part of a Clown Fish looking to get back home.With the functionality of a platform videogame and aesthetics from the ’80s (it is also an homage to a classic film from that decade) our fish has to swim searching for food to get home. But this is not as easy as it sounds, time is against Marti and he has to go home as soon as he can. But, be careful, there is an invisible enemy who won’t make it easy for Marti, it is the Ocean Acidification, and you will soon feel it’s consecuences. Are you ready for one play?

This game has been developed by artists Mariana Gutiez, David García León, Laura Garzón and José Carlos Espinel in Madrid (Spain), it is still a Beta version but is available to download in Google Play Store :

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