The Algae Society is a global collective of interdisciplinary researchers working together to establish a curatorial platform exploring the aesthetic and creative potentialities of algae as non-human research partner.


The outcome of these collaborations will be shared as creative art/science works and scholarly writings. Our collaboration is a novel approach that seeks to benefit, support and educate the public of our symbiotic relationship with non-human organisms. All exhibits will be developed in consultation with Algae Society participants informed by algae from Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, and the United States.

As a working group of artists, scientists and scholars, we’ve focused our lens to collaborate, cooperate, experiment, design and exhibit with algae as a united society in an interdependent system of organisms. The aim of The Algae Society is to spark and ignite new research & communication approaches across the globe that transcend disciplines to invite deeper more compassionate connections for living organisms. We aim to build effective actions of change that alter human behavior, embrace curiosity and wonder, and spawn love and empathy as we communicate the rich diversity of algae in the face of global warming.